No Paintbrush? Try Using a Soccer Ball!

These paintings of Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo are amazing, especially when you find out what the artist used instead of a paintbrush.

Traditionally, most famous paintings were completed with a paintbrush, and who are we to argue with tradition when such beautiful pieces of art have emerged over time. However, it’s now the 21st century, where initiative and thinking outside the box are essential. Meet an artist who thinks so far outside the box, she’s not even on the pitch anymore!

Meet Hong Yi, or Red, as she likes to call herself. Red is an artist from Shanghai who uses all sorts of unusual materials and methods to create her masterpieces. She has previously created sculptures of Adele out of candles and Jackie Chan out of chopsticks.

This time, Red has taken on three of the biggest names in world football and decided to paint their portraits using a soccer ball.

Red described her dribbling skills as “questionable”, but, with the precision displayed in the video footage, we think she may be an expert.


Source(s): ohiseered,com, Red Hongyi