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How to Beat Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is bullying that happens online.

It’s not just a problem for under 18s, adults suffer from bullying online too. Cyberbullying takes lots of forms, such as making threats, spreading untrue rumours, blackmailing, making nasty comments or opening an account in someone’s name and pretending to be them. It’s anything that scares or upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t let these bullies make you unhappy. If you can’t talk to parents or teachers, there are a number of websites that can give you information, like the Bully Zero website.

If you are being bullied you can block the messages, unfriend the bully or report it. All social media sites take a stance against bullying if it is reported, and the bullies can lose their right to have a social media page.


To report bullying just read the following to find out what to do:


To unfollow someone on Twitter, go into their profile and click the ‘Follow’ box, which then becomes ‘Unfollow’. To block messages again go into the person’s profile and next to the ‘Follow’ box is a settings icon, click on it and scroll down the list until you reach ‘Block or Report’ – click on this.  If you want to read the advice set out by Twitter, read the Online Abuse page in their Help Centre section.


 You can ‘Unfriend’ a person on Facebook by going into their profile and clicking on the ‘Friends’ box and scrolling down to ‘Unfriend’. If you want to report bullying, click on the box with the three dots inside – this is next to the message box on the top right hand side. You can also block messages from here.

You Tube

You can’t put anything that’s graphically violent, contains nudity or has hate content. If you want to report a video because you think it’s inappropriate, click on the three dots and the word ‘More’ underneath the video’s title and click ‘Report’. Have a look at their ‘Help’ page in the Reporting Centre for more information.


 If you want to report abuse on your Myspace account, go into the person’s profile and click on the ‘Report Abuse’ link. All reports are personally reviewed by a member of staff.

If you are being bullied online, don’t rise to the bait and reply to the bully. Block, unfriend or report them immediately, so you can continue to enjoy social media, without becoming afraid or upset.

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Source(s): Bully Zero, Bullying UK