4 Acts of Kindness

It’s always cool to be kind!

It’s no mystery that, here at Vivo HQ, we think that kindness is the best.  We can all make the world a better place by being kind to each other.

You should never forget that the smallest of kind gestures can improve someone’s day significantly. You never know what effect your act of kindness will have. The best bit is that sometimes it may take you next to no effort at all, but will hugely impact someone else’s life. You just never know. So, always be kind!

Here are 4 videos that show why it’s cool to be kind. They are sure to brighten up your day.

Biker Helps Man in Wheelchair

Not every act of kindness has to cost lots and take loads of time.

Homeless Man Shares $100

 Even when people have very little, they can still do great things.

Birthday Surprise

Remember that everyone has a birthday and enjoys celebrating it.

Gopro Animal Rescue

It’s not just humans that need help. Sometimes our animal friends need a helping hand too.