5 Places to Learn to Code

Most of us spend a big chunk of our time on the internet and use our smartphones, tablets and computers every day.

But how much do we know about how our gadgets actually work?


If you want a better understanding of computers and technology, why not try coding?

Code is the computer language used to create websites, apps, games and programmes. Learning code means you can get ahead in the job market in the future, use it to start your own business, or simply gain a better understanding of computer science.

Despite what many people think, anyone can learn to code – not just tech geniuses. If you want to brush up your technology skills and get to grips with code, here are five places you can learn for free:

Code Academy

Code Academy offers a range of lessons, such as HTML, Make a Website, and Make and Interactive Website, that are simple enough for absolute beginners to understand. Take your first steps in programming with the interactive courses, then move on to the more advanced modules.




With Scratch, you can learn the ideas behind coding by creating games, stories and animations. Once you’ve crafted your very own piece of work using the principles of coding, you can then share it with other users on the online community.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide top-quality, free education online – coding included. There are introductory lessons to get you started, and more advanced ones once you’ve nailed the basics. There are also interesting profiles of people who work in the computer science industry, which show where coding could lead you.



Code Kingdoms

Code Kingdoms (suitable for ages up to 13) is a fun and creative way of learning programming, where you build your own world through interactive games that also teach you real coding language. You can share your world with friends, and challenge them to create something better!




CoderDojo is a global organisation that provides volunteer-run coding and computer programming classes for 7-17 year olds. At a Dojo you can learn to design brilliant programmes, apps, games and websites in a creative way, while also meeting a bunch of like-minded people. There are more than 675 Dojos across 57 countries, find your nearest one here.

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