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Staying safe online


The internet is a great tool for us to use to gain knowledge, play games and communicate with other people.  But how safe are you online?

Here’s our top 5 tips for staying safe:

1.  Never give out personal details such as address, phone number,  via social media.

2.  Don’t accept friend requests from people you have never met or don’t know.

3.  Don’t use your real name on social media sites.  Everything you do online leaves a digital footprint that remains forever.

4.  If you are concerned about anything online report it to a parent / guardian.

5.  Don’t meet people that you have only met online.

photo of headphones

Music Jamming!

Trio link up to blow your mind!

These days the music industry isn’t always about the talent of the individual or band. It’s more about the image and how much money the artist’s agency can spend on high budget music videos. So when you come across raw talent, it’s definitely something to get excited about!

Well, that’s exactly what happened when one busker was met by an intrigued passer-by, who just so happened to have an awesome set of vocals. Off the newly formed duo went – harmonising like you would never believe!

All of a sudden, they were joined by a third member to start a makeshift trio. The crew was complete. They carried on with the improvisation, and we were even treated to a rap solo. After that, the performance was over, and they all went their separate ways.

Music created spontaneously and naturally has an amazingly direct way of connecting people!

Source(s): Chris Cooper


Save a Species Today!

The Worldwide Wildlife Foundation (WWF) keeps track of the most endangered species in the world.

They do their best to protect these creatures, but the task at hand is monumental.

Scientists say that we are currently living in a period of mass extinction. They claim that species of plants and animals are currently going extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did before human beings were walking around on the earth.

Here are four species that are extremely close to disappearing for ever.

1. Amur Leopard


Poachers have driven this species of leopard to the brink of extinction. A new conservation area – the Land of the Leopard – has been set up in Russia to try to protect the last remaining few.

Estimated population: approx. 30

2. Javan Rhino


The most threatened of all 5 rhino species. The Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia is the only place in the world where the Javan Rhino still lives.

Estimated population: 35

3. Saola


Nicknamed the “Asian Unicorn”, Saola was only first discovered in 1992. Since then, sightings have been few and far between. The number of Saola alive in the wild is unknown, but thought to be less than 100.

Estimated population: between 25 and 100

4. South China Tiger


In the 1950s, it was thought that there were 4,000 of these tigers alive, but no one has spotted one in the wild for 25 years. It is categorised as “functionally extinct”.

Estimated population: ??

This is a link to the WWF’s list of the most endangered species on the planet. Find out what you can do to help.

Source(s): WWF, WWF-Canon/ David HULSE


Charity Gone Viral

YouTube street magician and society do-gooder, Magic of Rahat, gained internet stardom when he helped a homeless man, who was down on his luck, find hope.

It all started with him giving this man a ‘winning’ lottery ticket. Rahat had secretly set it all up, giving the store clerk $1,000 to use as the prize money.

Eric, the homeless man, was so overwhelmed that he tried to share the prize money.

This prompted a huge response from the internet reaching 15.8 million views in less than two months.  The awesome people of the internet were so touched by Eric’s selfless personality that they didn’t stop there. They raised $44,000 through a crowdfunding effort. Rahat used the money to put Eric up in a rented house for a whole year and set up a savings account for him. You go internet, you go.

Check out the videos below!

Eric ‘wins’ the lottery

Eric gets his own house

Source(s): MagicofRahat, Allrounder