Easy Ways to Improve Your Day

Feeling a little bit down? Too much homework to deal with?

Looking to feel calm, contained and relaxed? Looking to turn your frown upside down? Try out these 5 ways to brighten up your day.

Turn off all electronics


Take the occasional break from your gadgets. Staring at screens all day will drain your energy and encourages inactivity. So why not switch everything off and allow yourself to unwind and relax before bed? Just because the world is on 24/7, doesn’t mean you have to be!



Just a few moves will do a world of good. Stretch your arms over your head; give your legs a good stretch too. Stretching helps improve circulation and flexibility and helps ease tight muscles and releases stress.

Play music


Several studies have found that listening to music can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve your mood. The right music has the power to change your attitude. So create a playlist that makes you smile. As long as you’re not blasting the music into your ears, this is a great way to make your day more enjoyable.

Sniff a lemon

smell lemon

For a quick de-stressing trick, why not engage the wonders of your sense of smell. Japanese researchers found that linalool — a substance found in lemons — turns down the “fight or flight” mode in our brain which responds to danger and stress. Not a fan of lemons? Try basil, juniper or lavender, which have all been found to reduce stress.

Clear your desk


From stray papers to empty cups, clutter can make you lose focus and limits productivity. Decluttering your environment makes you feel more organised and you’ll find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.