Growing Up in Ancient Rome

Take a look at this TED-Ed video, which shows us what it would have been like growing up in Ancient Rome. The lives of men and women were worlds apart. One video follows the coming of age of a 17-year-old boy, while the other follows 4 sisters in their daily lives.

Fun Facts:

  • Left-handed people were considered untrustworthy and unlucky, while left-handed gladiators were treated special as their fighting style was different and made it more entertaining.

  • When the Roman Empire reached its territorial peak in 117 AD, it spanned across 2.5 million square miles.

  • Hair dye was popular amongst women with red and blonde being the popular colours. This was achieved with ingredients such as goat’s fat, beech wood ashes and saffron.

  • Caligula’s favourite horse lived in a marble stable with an ivory manger. He also tried to make his horse a consul, which was the highest job in government.

  • Rome had over 140 communal toilets where people would actively socialise.