How to Paint Like a Surrealist

Surrealism is possibly the most imaginative art movement of them all.

It literally takes the idea of viewing the world through your dreams and subconscious mind, instead of through logical thought, and transforming that view into a piece of art.

Surrealism first came about when “The Manifesto of Surrealism” was published, authored by a key pioneer of the surrealist movement, André Breton. However, it is often said that surrealism was actually formed out of a Dutch movement called “Dadaism”.

Even though the surrealists had mastered the traditional artistic methods, they just weren’t that into them. In fact, they wanted to create art that ignored these teachings so they could express new levels of creativity: art that came directly from the imagination.

Some famous surrealist artists include Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and Max Ernst.

Watch these fun videos that show you how you can paint your own surrealist masterpieces.

Fun Facts

  • Before this was an art movement it was a literary movement. However it is mainly a philosophy and way of life.
  • Salvador Dali was only 6 years old when he completed his first painting.
  • Surrealists looked for pieces of art from children and patients from mental institutions.
  • “Surrealism” means “Above Realism” whereas “Dada” from Dadaism, literally didn’t mean anything.
  • The most expensive surrealist art piece ever sold was Dali’s “Portrait de Paul Eluard”, which sold for a breath-taking $22.4 million.