Is Chess Cool?

The game of kings is making a comeback.

Before you say no, consider the fact that, if Ron Weasley wasn’t such a pro at Wizard chess, Harry Potter never would have stopped Voldemort from getting his hands on the philosopher’s stone and the wizarding world would have been doomed.


Ron isn’t the only chess champion out there either. Over 650 million people play chess in over 160 countries these day. In the United States chess is becoming an increasingly trendy hobby – with chess clubs popping up all over the place. The video below shows how and why chess is becoming New York’s latest trend.

Still not convinced? Chess isn’t known as the game of kings for nothing! Here are a few perks you could take advantage of when you reach for those Kings, Queens and Knights:

It can raise your IQ


Contrary to popular opinion – you don’t have to be brainy to play chess. A study of over 4000 students who played chess found that their IQ scores increased significantly after just four months of playing!

It can help prevent Alzheimer’s


You may or may not know that your brain works like a muscle – and like all muscles it needs to be exercised in order to be healthy. Recent studies have found that people who are over the age of 75 and engage in brain-stimulating activities (like chess) are less likely to develop dementia. Nothing wrong with getting a head start though, is there?

Your creativity and memory will improve


The right hand side of our brains are our creativity banks – so the more we stimulate this then the more creative we become! Unsurprisingly chess also helps improve your memory, as it’s a game of tactics. In order to be a good player and beat your opponent, you need to remember how they played in the past and any signature moves they may have hidden up their sleeves. Almost 60% of chess players also believe the games make them better negotiators – so if you play chess then you’re more likely to get your own way…sounds good to us!

Who fancies a game of chess then?