Paper Isn’t Just for Writing On

Find out how Eiko Ojala gives paper a new purpose

We’ve scoured the web for the most unique and eye-catching pieces of art, and Eiko Ojala’s Paper Illustrations definitely let off a glimmer. The Estonian graphic designer likes to experiment with light, shadows and shapes. An award-winning artist, he’s worked with The New Yorker, Wired and The Sunday Times, to name just a few.

Ojala’s paper illustrations are beautifully simplistic in the way he uses natural and artificial shadows to make his work appear 3D. Chucking together different colours of paper on varied levels, he constantly serves up a whole array of awe inspiring visuals. Sometimes they contain a message, sometimes they incorporate his hobbies and interests and sometimes they are just there to look amazing.






Check out the rest of his work on his website: http://ploom.tv/

Source(s): Eiko Ojala

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