Plant a Tree, Save the World

We need to act now to save the world’s forests.

Plant a Billion Trees is a campaign set up to do exactly what their name suggests. They want to plant a billion trees by 2025, and they need your help!

The campaign is targeted specifically at saving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, of which only 9% now remains. But, the depletion of the Atlantic Forest doesn’t just affect Brazilians. It affects us all!

The Atlantic Forest is (or was) one of the largest rainforests in the world, and plays an important role in stabilising the world’s climate and fighting against climate change.

What do trees do for us?

  • Give us oxygen
  • Help prevent climate change
  • Protect us from harmful airborne particles
  • Help prevent floods
  • Clean the soil
  • Provide shelter from the sun
  • Are beautiful

And in The Lord of the Rings, the trees end up saving the day.



Fun fact:

The oldest living tree on planet earth is Old Tjikko (pictured below). The ancient tree can be found in Sweden and is 9,550 years old. To put this into some perspective, back in 7,542 BC, when Old Tjikko first sprouted, Britain was still connected to continental Europe. It wasn’t until the oceans and seas rose in 6,500 BC that Britain became an island.


Click here to go to the Plant a Billion Trees website. For each dollar they receive, they plant a tree.

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