Vivo’s Favourite YouTube Channels

Want to impress your friends, parents and teachers with your breadth and depth of knowledge?

But don’t have the time to read 1000s of books? Have no fear. There’s always YouTube.

It isn’t just videos of cats,  people hurting themselves and acoustic covers of Rihanna songs. There are thousands of channels devoted to making learning fun and accessible  to everybody.  You don’t have to pay huge tuition fees or be the top of your class to view them.

Take a look at Vivo’s pick of the best educational YouTube channels for teens. Which one is your favourite?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt provides us with fresh visuals that make all those crazy statistics and science mumbo-jumbo a whole lot easier to understand. This is not the most busy or frequent channel, meaning it is extra special when a new one is published. In case you were wondering, Kurzgesagt translates into English as “in a nutshell”.

Subscribers: 244, 805

Views: 8,974,908

Joined Jul 9, 2013


Ted is built up of two channels. Ted Ed publishes videos of educators explaining the answers to fascinating questions, spiced up with amazing animation. Ted Talks is similar, but with no animation. With these videos you get to watch educators giving inspiring and informative lectures to hundreds of people on stage at a TED Conference.

Subscribers: 5,206,058

Views: 752,085,427

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Vsauce combines his incredible knowledge of obscure topics and a delightful humour to create a truly magnificent channel. His videos answer fascinating questions, such as: ‘How many things are there?’, ‘Is my red the same as your red?’  All of these videos are educational yet addictively gripping.

Subscribers: 7,795,749

Views: 676,503,863

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SciShow is a youtube channel where presenters explore various topics from the world of science news, history and concepts. It has previously published videos on dinosaurs, why stars twinkle and how rainbows are formed. It’s another really engaging channel, worth checking out.

Subscribers: 1,983,373

Views: 201,467,008

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