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Do you love music, films and novels? How about comic books, poetry and art? We all do – it’s a silly question. We all like to escape our day-to-day reality sometimes with a good film or book. The best thing is that it’s actually really good for us – as long as we have finished our homework first.

It’s not just about escaping reality, but enriching it. Our lives wouldn’t be as rich or rewarding without our favourite books, films, songs, poems, pieces of art etc.

Every time we read, we learn something new. Every new piece of music that we hear can trigger a new emotive response in us. Seeing a piece of art you have never seen before can help you see the world in a different way. All of these things help us become who we are.

Art helps us broaden our horizons. It’s important to keep exploring, to keep trying out new things. Have you tried ballet, sculpture or the saxophone? When did you last go to a museum, the library or the theatre? Why not watch a French film next time you go to the cinema?

Did you know that, according to scientific research, watching movies helps increase cognitive thinking and decreases anxiety? That laughing at your favourite comedy can help lower your blood pressure? That reading reduces stress and decreases the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s when you are older? Culture, the arts, entertainment – whatever you want to call it – is good for you!

Perhaps most important of all, never forget that all your favourite art, music, movies and books were made by a human being just like you! There’s nothing stopping you being the next J K Rowling, the next Ed Sheeran or the next Shailene Woodley. All you have to do is love the arts and keep practising.


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