Welcome to Vivo Edge

Vivo Edge is a place to find fun, inspiring and informative content. Take a look around, soak in the atmosphere. Read our articles or watch some videos.

We know you’re going to love it! But Vivo Edge is also here to make a difference. “What kind of difference?” we hear you say.

Well, it might be a bit ambitious of us, but we want to make every kind of difference. We want to inspire you to change the world for yourself and for others.

Vivo has 3 views for you to explore. You are currently on the World View.

The World View is a hub of knowledge: a place to go to learn about charity campaigns, careers, healthy living, inspiring celebrities, sport, the arts and much more. Basically, all the things you should know if you want to be a well-rounded, caring and thoughtful person. By viewing our content and entering our competitions, you can unlock badges and exclusive offers.

These will be displayed on  the Me View.

The Me View is your own personal page: no one else can see it. It is the place to go to check your vivo balance, see which badges you have unlocked and access the shop, among many other things.

The You View is currently in development and is coming soon.

We know you will have as much fun on Vivo Edge as we have had putting it all together for you. Most importantly though, we hope it will inspire you. Inspire and be inspired with Vivo Edge.

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