What is a Polyglot?

A polyglot is someone who knows and can use lots of different languages – a handy skill, indeed.

Although learning a new language is no easy feat, given that you’re required to use all of your many memory systems, the mental workout is one of the best brain training exercises you can endure. Nowadays, you can also learn languages online, making it that little bit easier!

Here are a few of the perks to being a polyglot:

Your self-confidence will increase

Taking on and mastering a new language will boost your self-confidence. The more languages you master, the more confident you’re likely to become.

You’ll gain a wider understanding of the world

When you learn a new language you also learn the behaviours and traits of another culture. By trying to understand a language and the history that goes with it you’ll not only discover more about that heritage but also how you view the world and its many cultures. You may even gain a new sense of appreciation for your own culture!

You’ll boost your brain and have a keener mind

Studies have shown that polyglots have very alert and keen minds – and are quick to spot anything irrelevant or misleading. You’ll also boost your reading, negotiation and problem-solving skills, as your brain will be forced to recognise a new language structure.

If you’re still in two minds about the perks of being a polyglot then Alex Rawlings, who was voted Britain’s Most Multilingual Student in 2012, may just change your mind in the video above.