Why You should Learn a Musical Instrument

Do you play a musical instrument?

Music is a very powerful thing. It has evolved through the ages to become the voice of nations, the voice of youth and, for a lot of people, a key factor in defining their identity.

But did you know that learning a musical instrument is good for you. It’s good for your health, for your brain and for your social life.

Check out the video below to find out why.

6 Amazing Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument


It will increase intelligence and creativity

Research shows that people who have learnt a musical instrument generally do better when it comes to academia. Instruments also bring out your creative side, due to them making you think outside the box.

It improves memory

When you play a musical instrument, it exercises both the right and left side of your brain. This will greatly help in improving memory in the long run, especially if you start learning from a young age.

Teaches patience

When you pick up any instrument, even if you are a natural, you’re going to have to go over certain aspects more than once. this can sometimes be quite frustrating, but, if you relax and stick at it, you will improve your levels of patience.

Increases social skills

What do you get if you put different musical instruments together? The answer: a band. Those instruments won’t play themselves either, so you will have to interact with other people and work together in order to produce the best sound you collectively can.

Reduces stress

Studies show that playing a musical instrument lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, ultimately reducing stress. It also helps vent stress, whereas people would turn to over eating, watching TV or browsing the web aimlessly. Music is a good alternative.

It’s fun

Need we say more? The only way you’ll experience this one, is by picking up an instrument and playing it.


Source(s): TED-Ed